Campus Machine Shop

 Welcome to the Campus Machine Shop at the Colorado School of Mines.  We design and build all kinds of equipment to support the research agendas across all Campus departments.  We have two full-time machinists on staff.  We complete projects of all sizes, from modifications to a single part to the manufacture and assembly of complex, scientific instruments.  We also provide consulting and design services to help you get exactly the equipment you need.  Whether you’re faculty, students, or staff, we are ready to help you!

How do I get there?

The Campus Machine Shop is located on the north end of the first floor in the GRL Annex.  (Please note:  this building is not the GRL!)

To get there:  walk west (towards the mountains) on Maple Street, between the GRL and the McNeil Parking Garage.

There is a pedestrian path around the left side of the Labriola Building constructions site.  Follow the signs around to the west side of the Labriola building.  You will see the GRL Annex on the left side of the road.

Enter the main doors and walk down the hall to the other end of the building.  The Shop doors are normally locked during the day.  So, you may need to press the doorbell to be admitted.